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How Much Do You Know About Marine Mammals?
Seals, otters, and bears, oh my! When it comes mammals, there's a clear difference between land mammals and marine mammals. From dolphins to otters, how much do you know about marine mammals?
93% of People Can't Identify All of These Sea Creatures. Can You?
Legends and mythology from ancient times are full of monsters from the sea, from serpents to dragons, mermaids and sirens, and hydras and other hybrid creatures. But even without those in our stories, our oceans are full of sea creatures, some monstrously large, others monstrously scary, and still some a mystery to us. Is your soul longing for the secret of the sea? See how many of these sea creatures -- from pretty little clownfish to menacing deep-sea dwellers -- you can name.
94% of People Can't Name All of These Animals That Live on the Ocean Floor. Can You?
How well do you know the mysterious creatures that live under the sea? 50-80% of animals on earth live in the water! The megamouth shark and blue-ringed octopus could tell you all about their lives and friends on the bottom of the ocean floor. Take this quiz to see how well you know about the deepest parts of the earth!
Only 1 in 3 people can name all the animals in these kids' drawings. How about you?
You've probably had these on your fridge: Children's drawings of various members of the animal world. Whether you have kids yourself or not, see if you can figure out what these tots were trying to capture!
Which Mythical Creature Would Be Your Patronus?
Your patronus should be a regular animal, but this isn't a regular quiz! Take it to see which mythical creature you'll be seeing when you cast the patronus charm!
Which Dog Breed Is Your Soul-Pet?
The two of you were always meant to find each other, just like you were always meant to take this quiz. Let's find out which breed has all the characteristics that you're looking for.
Which Animal Represents Your Primary Instincts?
When it comes right down to it, as intelligent and rational that we humans think that we are, all of us are driven by our primary instincts, just like the animals around us. Which one represents your primary instincts?
From What Region of the World Did These Dog Breeds Originate?
Just like people, dogs also come from different parts of the world. Do you know where some of your favorite breeds come from? Take this quiz to find out!
91% of People Can't Identify These Short-Haired Dog Breeds from an Image. Can You?
Whether you've got allergies or you just don't like to vacuum, these short-haired dogs are sure to grab your heart! Think you have what it takes to name them all?
Only 1 in 85 People Can Identify All of This Ranching and Livestock Equipment. Can You?
It takes a lot of work and equipment to corral big animals like cows, sheep, pigs and goats. Think you know the tools and supplies used to raise, breed and care for livestock? Take this quiz to find out!
Animal Showdowns: Do You Know How These Creatures Match Up?
Are you ready to face these animals showdowns? Two animals are going against each other and only one can win. Do you know enough to correctly guess who the rightful champion is? Take this quiz to find out!
Do You Think You're a Snake Expert? Take This Quiz to See if You Really Are
When it comes to snakes, you don't want to be wrong about whether they are lethal or not. But if you're a snake expert, that's not a problem, right? Show us your ssssstuff by taking this quiz right now!
Do You Know if These Common Facts About Animals Are True or False?
Animal facts are the sort of things we pick up from an early age. However, being a product of science, the information changes with time. Did you keep up to date? Take this quiz!
Only a True Animal Lover Can Ace This Quiz
Our world is full of all sorts of fascinating animals - but we don't always know them as well as we think we do! Take this quiz to see how well you know our furry friends.
We Gave This Dog Screenshot Quiz to 50 People and Only 2 Passed!
Calling all dog fans! Have you been looking for a way to let the world know just how much you love your furry friends? Well, this may be the quiz for you. Come test how well you love dogs with this quiz.
If You Can Pass This Dog Breed Identification Quiz, You're Ready for Westminster!
If you call yourself a dog lover, this is the way to test whether you deserve that title or not. So can you name these dog breeds from a picture? Let's see.
Name That Zoo Animal!
Did you go to the zoo as a child? Do you have fond memories of marveling at the reptiles, mammals and birds? How well do you recall those visits? Put your knowledge to the test?
Can You Identify All of These Official State Animals from an Image?
It's time to see how much you've been paying attention to the 50 states of the USA! Do you think you can tell us the names of these state animals if we show you a picture and clue you in to where they belong? Let's find out!
93% of People Can't Name All of These Animals That Live in Cold Climates. Can You?
Animals come from all four corners of the world, including the colder regions. Are you able to identify animals that are found in cold climates? Take this quiz to find out!
Do You Know Which Animal Species Names Are Real and Which Ones We Made Up?
The animal kingdom is absolutely gigantic. There are thousands of species of every genus, and myriad varieties of even the most mundane of the Earth's inhabitants. Can you tell which ones are real?