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General Trivia

Can You Pass a 5th Grade Grammar Test?
Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Fifth-graders aren't only worried about math and science! They have to make sure they can put a sentence together. Can you pass this 5th grade grammar quiz? Let's find out!
How Well Do You Know Your Punctuation Marks?
Commas and full stops are a part of life. They're necessary because our sentences need to make sense and not run on and on like this one is doing right now. But how well do you know the punctuation marks that help us communicate our message to those who are reading what we write?
Only 1 in 22 People Can Name All of These Marine Plants. Can You?
These plants have the ability to survive in salt water environments all over the world. Are you enough of a marine biology fan to correctly identify them from just a picture?
Are You Smart Enough to Pass This Synonym Quiz?
Can you look at a word and always know its synonym? What about its analog? Did you know that is the synonym for synonym? People misuse words all the time. How facile do you think you are with the English language?
Can You Name the Infomercial Product From an Obvious Hint?
Future generations will never know what late night or early morning channel surfing is like. Likewise, they will never sit through a 40-minute ad for skin cream just to watch Saturday morning cartoons. How much do you know about infomercial products?
Are You a McDonald's Expert?
Are you loving it? When it comes to McDonald's, it might be the world's most well-known fast food chain! From its logo and slogan to the popular menu, are you a McDonald's expert? Let's find out!
Nobody Can Score More Than 30/35 In This Insane Assorted Trivia Test. You're a Genius if You Can!
Trivia, Shmivia! You've probably been on a mission to conquer all the trivia questions out there. Think you're a match for this quiz? From entertainment to history, nobody can score more than 30/35 on this quiz. Can you?
85% of People Can't Ace This A-Z Spanish Terms Quiz. Can You?
With roots in Latin and speakers around the world, the Spanish language is a force to be reckoned with! How well do you know the basics of this global language? Find out now with our quiz!
Do You Know the Major Differences Between the Five Military Branches?
Most of the military branches have been around for hundreds of years, but none of them are exactly the same. If you think you can name the differences between them, test yourself with this quiz!
Find Out Which Fast Food Item You Are and What It Says about You!
Fast food's not good for you, but we eat it anyway. What kind of fast food are you, and what does it say about your personality? Take this cool quiz to find out!
We Know Your Age Based on How Adventurous of an Eater You Are
Don't try feeding those Brussels sprouts to the dog on our watch! We're pretty sure we can tell your age based on the things you will and will not eat. Put us to the test!
Do You Have It in You to Be a Marine?
Do you have what it takes to carpe diem your way through every day? Let's find out if you have the tough stuff it takes to be one of the military's toughest Marines!
What Resume Style Should You Use?
Finding a job is tough enough without having to obsess over the resume style you should use! That's why we're here. Tell us about your career goals, and we'll tell you which one will get you the job!
Design Your Perfect Home and We'll Guess Your Dream Job!
Everyone has a dream job, but the question is, are you currently working towards it? Well if you design your perfect home in this quiz, we'll try to guess what it is.
Do You Have It in You to Be a Navy SEAL?
If you think the Navy is a piece of cake, then you're in for a rude surprise if you enlist as a Navy SEAL, because you'll be in for some of the most demanding training in any military in the world.
What Kind of Pro Athlete Could You Be?
If you want to be a professional athlete, there are all sorts of skills you are going to need. Obviously, you have what it takes, so all we need to do is figure out what sport you want to make millions at.
Decorate Your Dorm Room and We'll Reveal Which College You Were Destined to Attend
Whether you have to share with a roommate or you have a space all to yourself, your dorm room tells us a lot about what's important to you - and thus where you should study!
What Rebellious Piercing Should You Get?
Have you ever felt like going against the norm or your parents' wishes? Well, if you answer these questions, we'll tell you which rebellious piercing you should get!
Which Disney Princess Is Your Beauty Soulmate?
People take inspiration from many different places and the Disney princesses are just some of them. Which one of them is your beauty soulmate? Take this quiz to find out!
Only Someone with Grammar OCD Can Ace This Linguistics Spelling Quiz!
Spelling: It doesn't relate to IQ, but we care about it anyway! If you're wondering if your spelling skills are up to par, we've created a quiz to help! To mix things up, some questions will have versions of the same word, only one of which is the correct spelling. Others will have unrelated words, only one of which is misspelled (or spelled correctly, in other cases). Got it? Let's go!