93% of People Can't Identify Movies From the 60s With Just One Screenshot. Can You?

By Narra Jackson on February 12, 2018


About this Quiz

The 1960s was an exciting time for the world - both the good and the bad - from the space race of the decade, culminating with the moon landing in 1969, to the early stages of the Vietnam War, all under the constant backdrop of the Cold War. This decade was less than two decades after World War II and a couple years removed from the Korean War. TV was stepping away from the "traditional" family of the '50s and to the grittier truth of a new generation of outspoken and peace-friendly hippies looking to change the world. 

What did all of this mean for movies? Well, you can probably figure that out, as a '60s movie buff. This quiz will bring you through an iconic decade of change and the movies that helped inspire and provoke people. Moviegoers could reminisce about life, love, the past and the outlook for the future.  

Do you remember the movie that inspired you to be an astronaut? Or the movie that resulted in a summer vacation to visit the OK Corral? How about the movies that got your adrenaline pumping or helped you define love? 

You know the movies and love the actors. See how many of these movies you can identify from a single screenshot. 

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