Can You Identify These Famous Engines from an Image?

By Robin Tyler on July 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Now we all love the way our cars look. Perhaps one of the first reasons we buy them is for this reason. But that doesn't mean what is found under the hood isn't important.

In fact, for some, the engine can sometimes surpass the beauty of the car. These are the people who love to spend their weekends getting down and dirty ... and greasy for that matter. For them, the powerplant of the car is the thing that they love the most. Here, horsepower and torque figures are important. Sometimes, they will look at the gas mileage ... but just sometimes!

Car engines have certainly come a long, long way since the first internal combustion engine was designed over 140 years ago. Early models were difficult to start and even more difficult to keep running. Today, just turn a key (or press a button) and the modern engine jumps into life, ready to do your beck and call!

So back to the quiz at hand. Would you be able to identify a range of engines and name them from just a single image that we provide? Some are fairly easy, while others will take a fair amount of knowledge or maybe guesswork.

Have a go!

Good luck. 

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