Can you name these MLB Career ERA leaders?

By J.P. Naomi on August 01, 2018

About This Quiz

If there's one pitcher you don't want to go up against, it's the one with the lowest ERA! In Major League Baseball, the ERA is the mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched. So now we want to know ... do you have what it takes to recognize some of the greatest career ERA pitchers of all time? This quiz is sure to test your greatest baseball knowledge!

From Cy Young to Pedro Martinez, and Smoky Joe Wood to Mariano Rivera, these pitchers will have you shaking in your cleats! Of course everyone knows that Ed Walsh holds the record at 1.816 ...  but did you know that Babe Ruth is also on the list? Why yes! His ERA ranks in at #17 greatest of all time with 2.277! This baseball star may be remembered as a strong slugging outfielder for the New York Yankees, but he actually began his career on the mound for the Boston Red Sox ... and he was quite good at it to boot!

So step right up, batter! It's time to see how well you know the best pitchers the MLB has ever known! They sure will try, but don't let these pitchers strike you out! Good luck and PLAY BALL!

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