How Well Do You Know European Countries and Capitals?

By Zoe Samuel on July 30, 2018

About This Quiz

Some of the most beautiful countries in the world are in Europe - and thanks to the strong cultural history of the continent, some of the most beautiful cities are too. Europe's cities have often been burned, sacked, bombed, rebuilt and then burned, sacked, bombed and rebuilt again. They've absorbed infusions of ideas and designs from different cultures, and taken some of those ideas to remake them in the style of their current dominant culture. Some of them - especially the ones with the dubious fortune of lying on the fault lines between the major powers of Europe - have changed hands between different governments, occasionally doing so frequently enough that a single person could be born in one city and move country multiple times during his or her lifetime without ever leaving their home!

All of this ongoing change means that keeping track of which country has what city as its capital can be surprisingly confusing. Sure, we can all name the capital of France or the United Kingdom - they're in every Hollywood movie set in Europe, after all - but how about Croatia, Belarus, or Kosovo? This quiz is your chance to prove that you really know your European capitals!

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