How Well Do You Remember Classic Adam Sandler Movies?

By Gavin Thagard on March 05, 2018

About This Quiz

"Billy Madison," "The Water Boy," and "Mr. Deeds;" are just a few of the movies that Adam Sandler has starred in as he brought laughs to millions of people around the world. Are you a fan of his movies? If so, can you pass a quiz about his films? Here's your chance to try.

During the 1990s, Adam Sandler rose to fame as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, a late-night show that entertains with comedy sketches. With national fame, more opportunities came Sandler's way, and he took advantage of them, creating entertaining and hilarious characters that have endured through the ages. These roles bolstered Sandler's fame even further. In 1999, he opened up his own production company, known as Happy Madison Productions. After opening his production company, Sandler started making movies with more of his own creative input, and throughout the 2000s, he took Hollywood by storm as one of the greatest comedians in town with a ton of classic movies to his name. 

Are you an expert on Adam Sandler movies? Do you know every quote and every fact there is to know? If you think you do, then take this quiz and prove your knowledge of classic Adam Sandler movies!

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