Only 1 in 29 People Can Ace This Shotgun Quiz. Can You?

By Staff Writer on August 03, 2018

About This Quiz

History tells us that the term shotgun was first used in the late 1700s. The first double barrel shotgun was invented in 1875 and primarily used for hunting. 

Today, the shotgun has become a crucial part of many people's lives and it is most used by police and security forces around the world, but also by hunters, particularly those hunting wild birds.  It's also the weapon of choice for trap and skeet, two shooting sports that even have versions in Olympic competition.

You would agree that its bulkiness doesn't allow for it to be carried and concealed the way a smaller gun could, but it comes into its own in the great outdoors. And so, it has remained a popular weapon since its invention.

Shotguns are also sold as a self-defense weapon, particularly as they come into their own in confined spaces because of their ability to spray shot in a wide area. 

Here, as technology has progressed, shotguns have changed in appearance as well. Today, you can find shotguns that look like automatic rifles, those that are small and can be operated in one hand and, of course, the more traditional look which is still extremely popular. 

But would you be able to name a shotgun from just a single image? Only one in 29 people can. Let's see how you fare. 

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