Only 1 In 5 People Can Pass This IQ Riddle Quiz

By Stella Alexander on May 15, 2018

About This Quiz

When given a riddle, you might be left scratching your head at all the possibilities. Your brain is often prepared to think so far outside the box that you immediately skip past some of the most obvious answers. 

Riddles have a long history, and while most of them are probably new, there's a chance you remember quite a few of the older ones. People are still trying to get past the troll and across the bridge. It's been decades since a St. Ives traveler met a man with tons of wives, cats, and more. Although these riddles are old favorites, new ones are needed to keep testing the population! 

These brain teasers have almost become mainstream with their inclusion in entertainment. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had readers and viewers attempting to solve the Sphinx's riddle while paying attention to the plot. Riddles have been included in the plot of films like The Hobbit, Angels and Demons, and National Treasure. You can even catch the popular St. Ives riddle in the Bruce Willis' action flick, Die Hard with a Vengeance

While brain teasers and riddles seem like fun, they can often be a true test of your knowledge! Will your results prove that you're average or will you prove that you're a borderline genius? Let's find out!

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