We Gave This Pattern Identification Quiz to 100 People and Only 6% Passed

By Kennita Leon on July 09, 2018

About This Quiz

To put it as easily as we can, a pattern is a decorative design that is repeated. While we could get technical and get into all of the meanings of this word, this is exactly what we're referring to. You've probably seen them everywhere, from the wallpaper in your house to the clothing you wear and the sheets on your bed to the math you did in school. Patterns can be found just about anywhere and are definitely here to stay. But we want to know how much you know about them. Not in the sense that we're going to ask you who created the first pattern or where the word 'pattern' originates, but we want to see if you can identify some patterns from the pictures we're going to show you.

We're going to show you some pretty easily identifiable ones like the polka dot, the cheetah print, camouflage and paisley. But we're also going to give you some exotic ones like the toile, damask, quatrefoil, and chinoiserie. Do you think you'd be able to name these patterns from a picture and a clue (if you get stuck)? It's time to show us how much you actually know about some of the world's most popular patterns.

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