Do you know all of these commonly misused words?

By Staff on June 11, 2018

About This Quiz

There were so many rules learned during elementary school, it's understandable if you don't remember them all. How can you compare the excitement in learning about fire protection, "Stop, Drop and Roll" to the correct usage or "Capitol", "capitol" or "capital" in a sentence? But as an adult, command of the vernacular is an important skill to have. That's why this quiz focuses on those words that can make you hesitate. Is it "affect" or "effect"?  Is it "you're" or "your"?  This quiz will tune up your terminology so you can better express the brilliance within you. After taking it, you won't be caught up trying to remember whether to use "irregardless" or "regardless" in a conversation. For all intents and purposes, (or is it intensive purposes?) this quiz is a perfect refresher to enhance your linguistic abilities.

However, if you pride yourself on your ability to use vocabulary precisely and correctly, then get ready to breeze through this quiz. After you earn a high score you can  ("lay" or "lie") back on the couch and relish the reward of a job well done. But don't be under the ("allusion" or "illusion") that you'll score 100% until you've tried it. Take the quiz now and dazzle us with your dictionary recall.  

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